Reading Notes: The Giant Crab, and Other Tales from Old India, Part A

- The Giant Crab is a beast tale, but it has potential as another Cyberpunk tale. The idea of a location where locals convene for something they need can be added to the world of Night City, and instead of an ever growing crab, some individual with evil intent could be placed in that location, surviving and growing strong off the locals that arrive looking for something. - The elephant seducing the crab is a method used in many mediums as it follows the trope of men being easily seduced by women, so the antagonist in the new tale could be a male and fall prey to a woman. - Rather than ripping the crab's claws off, the antagonist could have cybernetic arms ripped off instead and sold or used by someone else. A giant crab Bibliography: The Giant Crab, and Other Tales from Old India by W. H. D. Rouse

Typing Test Tech Tip

I took my typing test at , and got 130 WPM with an accuracy of 91%. I had 15 seconds to type as many words from the textbox that I could. While my WPM is already above average, my roommate enjoys using this site and increased his WPM by 20 after typing on the site daily for a semester. I'm happy with my speed and accuracy, so reaching 140 WPM and a higher average accuracy would be my future goals if convenient. 

Week 14 Story: The Guilty Guards

Night City is a place where anyone who needs anything can get it anywhere at anytime. That is, if they have the right resources. Every day, guns are hired to get jobs done, whether it be simple hit jobs, complex robberies, or just sending messages to the competition in the area. But in this line of work, this means high risk high reward jobs that stray from the norm pay the most. In doing so, this requires high stress relief. But where can mercenaries all go after hours to relax and kickback, enjoying a drink or two before their next gig? Cue the Afterlife. Known as one of the most prestigious clubs in Night City, one could only gain access by having a reputation behind their name, as the club only served to the hottest mercs in the city. For a club to be so exclusive, the service provided was a cut above the norm, with the alcohol following suit. Many rare and discontinued liquors could be found at the Afterlife.  When the club died down during business hours, staff would take this ti

Reading Notes: Twenty Jataka Tales, Part B

-The tale of the Two Pigs is a jataka holding a message about love. Most of the stories I have been adding to my portfolio have just been chronicling the adventures of V without sending any sort of important message to the reader. It may be a nice change of pace to write a story with some deeper meaning. -The Two Pigs can also be rewritten as another day in the life of V and Jacky and how they outsmarted people coming after them. The deeper message can be removed from the tale and turned into another gritty story in the world of Night City where V and Jacky must survive their adventure. -The Patient Buffalo is a short story that has potential to be condensed into a micro fiction. The point of the story can be translated into any other setting involving two characters where one has power over the other, and then the message of the original story would still hold the same weight. Monkey on a buffalo Bibliography: Twenty Jataka Tales , by Noor Inayat

Reading Notes: Twenty Jataka Tales, Part A

 - The Monkey-Bridge is a moving story of sacrifice and benevolence, one that would be a great addition to the Cyberpunk universe. The general idea is the secret of a tasty fruit, but once discovered, for the safety of a specific group they must flee. A hidden treasure in Night City would fit this story. - The Guilty Dogs looks like a tale that could fit the world of Night City, as a kill order on a certain demographic would not be surprising if there was gang-related activity going on. V could clear a misunderstanding between gang leaders and save an entire group of people. - The Jataka Tales in this anthology are short but sweet, which is an element that needs to be kept to the shorter portfolio stories. Hit every essential point while building towards the climax appropriately. The fruit that was so coveted by the monkeys, mangos Bibliography: Twenty Jataka Tales , by Noor Inayat

Microfiction Revision: For Honor

ORIGINAL: For Honor - The rain poured hard, pattering against the building as V approached the hostage. They laid kneeling, hands cuffed behind their back, neon lights from the billboards painting the room in red and purple lighting. Time was running short, and V had to move soon. Suddenly, a flash of lighting and thunder rocked the room, stunning V and forcing him to freeze. Eyes blinded by the light, he froze until his vision recovered, showing him the assassin before him, blade drawn and against the neck of the hostage. "Too late", he said. V screamed as the sword swung. Author's Note: I wanted to capture the moment in action movies where the hero is about to rescue someone, which is why I used imagery describing the scene to help add that idea to the narrative. Sometimes the hero saves someone at the last second when they think all is lost, so I ended the story right at the moment he would have saved her to leave it up to the reader to interpret how they think things

Week 13 Story: The Wise and the Foolish Jacky

Jacky was off on another moneymaking scheme, this time resorting to his world-renowned (so he thought) sales tactics, rather than some sort of half-bungled heist that V would have save him from, along with the score. Jacky considered him a man of many skills, whether it came to gunfights, bargaining, or simply being a man for the ladies. Today's adventure would put his brain to the test, truly gauging his ability to adapt to any situation. He was on a trip to sell a weapons cache he and another mercenary had stumbled across in the Badlands, and so they had been hauling their separate crates in their vehicles back to Night City. Neither of them had a car big enough to haul the entire load, which is why they had decided to split it. The other mercenary was driving in front of Jacky while he tailed him, as the other guy had stronger weapons fitted onto his ride. Weapons would not be enough for these two to safely return to Night City with their treasure though. The sun shining down on